Morocco is a north African country with a population of about 35 million people. It has a fast-growing economy, but great variations in wealth between the richest and poorest. The projects we are donating to are mainly in rural towns, and remote villages, where the national healthcare system does not reach adequately. Knowledge of glasses is widespread, but access is not, particularly to prescription distance eyewear.

During 2010 our donation partner Eyejusters were approached by a Peace Corps volunteer who wished to provide glasses to the young adults she worked with in Morocco. 

Peace Corps volunteers work in many countries round the world, and are in-country for around 2 years. During this time they run local development projects, teaching English, and working with local organisations to help develop their local area. Each volunteer set up a project in their area in collaboration with a local organisation, for example the local Dar Shabab (Youth Centre). Local organisation and community leaders were asked to come up with screening lists of those who have previously had issues with poor vision. Each site received Eyejusters in different colours as well as a small selection of reading glasses. In some locations the distribution was expanded to older people served by the local organisation.

The project has so far included 10 villages and 800 glasses have been distributed to mainly young adults. Karmoie has supplied 400 eyejusters to this project. To learn more please visit Eyejusters.